Welcoming of the Guests

Matt Suiche, (Founder at Comae & OPCDE)

Using Serverless to Build Pentesting Toolset

Serverless is an underrated technology that is not commonly used in the security world, despite its awesome features that bring to the field. I have been exploring Serverless for a while in automating penetration testing tasks using Serverless and trying to take some of my infrastructure to Serverless. In this talk, I will walk you through experiments I had with Serverless to automate some offensive security testing scenarios.

Mazin Ahmed, (Security Researcher @ Independant)

Half-automatic compilable source code recovery

Source code recovery is one of the most tedious, and interesting, tasks in reverse engineering. During the course of this talk, the author will talk about a tool being developed (on and off) since last year that aims to generate auto-compilable source code from binaries. The tool is currently working though it needs a lot more work.

Joxean Koret, (Security Researcher @ Independent)

Joxean Koret has been working for the past +15 years in many different computing areas. He started working as database software developer and DBA for a number of different RDBMS. Afterwards he got interested in reverse engineering and applied this knowdlege to the DBs he was working with, for which he has discovered dozens of vulnerabilities in products from the major database vendors, specially in Oracle software. He also worked in other security areas like malware analysis and anti-malware software development for an Antivirus company or developing IDA Pro at Hex-Rays. He is currently a security researcher in Activision.

Hold My Catnip, I'm Pouncing Over APTs for Purple Teaming

Do you love cats? Have you used a C2 (Command&Control) before? Is your cat driving you crazy @ Did you have to learn hundreds of different commands? Was it difficult to set up? Was it easily detected? Are you using your C2 to emulate APT (Advanced Persistent Threat)? Does your organization conduct purple teaming exercises? Are you looking for ways to make these exercises more efficient? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, you may want to attend our presentation. We will discuss how you can build your own C2 and show how we are doing research to integrate APT TTPs (Tools,Tactics,Procedures) into our framework. We will demonstrate how all of this work assists us with our purple teaming exercises. Following the presentation, we will have a demo of our tool in action.

Katie Chuzie, Jesse Zhang, Andrei Saygo, (Security Researchers @ Microsoft)

Andrei Saygo started in the security industry in 2004 at BitDefender and is now a Senior Software Engineer (Red Team) at Microsoft Corp. Previously he worked as a Security Researcher, Incident Handler, Malware Researcher, just to name a few. His main interests are IT security, bioinformatics and urban fantasy books.

Black Box Reverse Engineering

Charles Muiruri, (Security Researcher @ Azimuth Security)

Closing Remarks

Matt Suiche, (Founder at Comae & OPCDE)

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